Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back at Double Delight

I cleaned my sewing room this week. GAH.

I found the Hawaiian applique I did - and the fabric that goes with it, so hopefully some time next week, I can finish up the top of the wallhanging and maybe baste it for quilting.

I did find a leftover Hearts piece that may be a wallhanging or large pillow - I haven't decided yet. I basted that to take with me for my trip to Emerg Monday night. I wasn't long for a change - I was being treated with a ventolin mask within half an hour of arriving.

And I've gone back to working on my double delight quilt that I started last new years. It would be nice to at least finish the top before next new year. I've got about 100 31/2" nine-patch blocks to finish, plus 52 SNS blocks to finish before I can assemble blocks. It would be nice to get this one done. I do remember why I set it aside - it's so fiddly (I pieced 10 of the 9-patches today and NONE of them squared up and I cannot figure out why - measurements are fine, just one of the squares goes wonky and that's it). It is very frustrating, but I will persevere.

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