Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My resolution for this year is to make at least an hour a week to quilt.  With my courseload, I don't think I can manage more.  I did not quilt at all from August to semester-end in December and when I Started playing with fabric on my break, I discovered how much I had missed it.

I also have a treadle machine I was given for Christmas that I need to teach myself how to use.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas break is here

I have actually gotten some piecing in.  Working on the Grandmother Flower Garden.  I hope to have at least 4 rows sewn together before the break ands and 1 row kitted for working on.  I have missed quilting something awful, so I am hoping to set aside an hour every week.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Still here but not stitching...

I've gone back to school to become a nurse, so stitching isn't likely to happen until Christmas break.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year - 2010 round up

2010 was nto a bad year quilting-wise.  I only started 2 projects, but finished 7.  So that is good.  I plan to finish more UFOs this year.  I haven't been doing any quilting yet this year, as I have a cross-stitch kit I am attempting to finish as I got a lovely new kit that I've been looking at and wishing I could buy it for quite some time.

My son bought me a bias tape maker, with the largest size tapes makers for binding quilts, so I need to finish quilting something so I can test it out.  I plan on ordering a 1/4" tip for applique sometime soon.  I plan to get back to work on the 9-patch soon.

Shortly before Christmas, I did finishe a Christmas table Runner.  It was rather simple and I am pleased with it.  I haven't got a picture at the moment due to a lost camera.

Monday, December 13, 2010

GFG - Light in the tunnel?

Last week was a good week for hand piecing.  I completed 5 GFG blocks.  I now have only 17 to go before I have all the Grandmother's Flower blocks from the jelly roll pieced.  Then I have to figure out how to put it together.  I'm wondering if I should buy another fabric and use it between the flowers and to do a side boarder.  No idea how much I would need.  I guess I'll wait until I get the blocks done first. 

Not doing any hand work today.  Been doing a lot of knitting lately - socks and mittens for winter and last night I really overdid it watching Christmas specials.  My hands are extremely sore and the knuckles swollen and painful from knitting to much.  I hate having arthritis in my hands.  It doesn't usually bother me as I usually know enough to quit before my hands start hurting.  I finished the second mitt of a pair for my Dad last night and one and a half mittens for my son.  His second mitten will have to wait until the swelling goes down.

I am glad I don't have karate this week.  There's no way I could make a tight fist with my hands like this.  Typing is difficult enough.

I'm going to baste and start machine quilting a holiday table runner today.  Hopefully, I'll be able to find it before the weekend.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have to stop procrastinating soon - my applique class starts on Saturday, and while I have gathered and washed my fabrics and scraps (layer cake), I have yet to iron them.  I hate ironing with a passion and have been finding other things to do and put off the ironing part.  It has to be done today or tomorrow as Saturday morning is going to be busy before I have to head in for class.  Class starts at 930.  I'll have to get my lunch bento ready before heading in as well.

Part of the thing is I have this thing about forgetting to unplug the iron.  I was going to do it yesterday afternoon, but had a martial arts class last night and was afraid I'd forget to unplug the iron - I haven't yet, but I don't know the number of times I've gotten partway down the road and had to turn around to check and make certain I've unplugged the iron.  It's a weird almost-phobia thing, especially as last Christmas my son bought me an auto-shutoff iron.  I guess I worry in case the cats get near it, although they are not allowed in the sewing room - and haven't been since I nearly lost my female this February because she had ingested some sort of string.  I don't think it came from the sewing room, but I am not taking the chance anymore.  Before they were only allowed in the room if I was there to watch them anyways, but better safe than sorry.

And today, I'm surfing the net and avoiding the ironing.  I should just go and get it done!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project nearing completion

I've got a small quilt nearing completion.  It's made from 5 fat quarters and done up in a pattern from the Quiltmaker Addicted to Scraps column.  One was a variation of a whirl-a-gig, so I played with my FQ and put together a little quilt.  It's only about 25 X 35. I've got the quilting done and the binding machine-sewed on one side.  I found enough 21/2" strips in the scrap bin of a fed that went well enough with the border, so I did a single-fold binding.  I just have the hand-stitiching to complete.

The 9 patch is coming along slowly.  I haven't decided how to finish the inside of the quilt. I drafted (and have since misplaced a Plan).  I have to finish the outside row of blocks before I start the interior so I have tiem to redraft the plan or come up with something new.

And I start a new project next week.  I am taking an applique class on Saturdays in November.  I have my class kit almost put together.  I am using a layer cake for the scraps and I have complimentary fabrics for sashing, inner border and binding - I just hope I have enough.  These fabrics were planned for a different quilt.  I have to finish washing the fabrics and get them ironed and a few things to locate for the kit.  It will be good to actually get some learning from a teacher.  My applique is mostly self-taught so I can use all the instruction I can get.  I still struggle with sharp points, so I am hoping to learn how to conquer them at this class.