Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not much quilting

Is going to happen this week. I'm off to the city for work. I've packed 2 parrot qayg blocks to work on.

I did get 5 of the block#2 done for Christmas lights. Next weekend I'll hopefully get a chance to finish the block #2's.

Now to go back to packing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Block #1 Done

Finished the 12 star blocks for Christmas Lights. Started work on the other blocks. I have one quadrant finished of the 20 blocks and have started on the second quadrant. This quilt is going to be very pretty when finished. It's been a challenge to go scrappy.

I hope I can get the block #2 done before I have to head to the city. I'm working in the city next week - I also have to prep some QAYG blocks to take with so I have something to do in the hotel in the evening.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forward momentum

Well I've started the star blocks on Christmas lights. Pictures are being posted on the yahoo group of the blocks and one of the girls told me that I could go from the picture.

I've got one star block finished and the rest in the process. I love chain piecing. The blocks are going to be pretty when finished. I haven't started the other blocks yet. They appear to be much more complicated and less straightforward.

This quilt has been a bit of a challenge as it has forced me to go scrappy for the 4 patches and the background fabric. I admit I am becoming more comfortable with scrappy. My DD was a very controlled palette. Much of the colour scheme for this one is outside of my comfort zone, so I am stretching myself a bit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still no Quiltmaker

Was in town last night for a dental appointment and grocery trip. Tried every store that sells magazines. No Quiltmaker. They said to try again next week as this week's magazines are out.

This is getting frustrating. I'm in the city for work next week, so no piecing will be happening. I've got some QAYG parrot blocks to take to work on in the hotel.

I've got karate tonight, so I'll stop in the town on the way to the dojo and see if I can find the magazine there.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Still exist!

Back again - I can't believe Ihaven't updated this blog since April. But then, there has been a definite lack of quilting going on.

I did finish the patchwork Scottie dog, and a embroidered puzzle ball. Other finishes to date are the hand pieced irish chain crib quilt. I finally figured out a way to fix the 3 corner tear on the one alternate patch. It's barely noticeable now - I used a patch of the same fabric - put wonder under on it, and put it into the quilt behind the hole and then fused it. I hope I never have to make a repair like this again.

My progress on the Double delight quilt has stalled. Boredom with all the SNS patches set in. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

I started (bad girl! no cookie!) the Christmas Lights mystery from quiltmaker magazine. I finished clue #1 this weekend. The next issue with Clue #2 is not yet available where I am. I'm hoping to get a hold of it sometime this week.

I have been resisting the urge to start new projects. It has been very, very hard. I've got leftovers from Christmas Lights that I could see as a pillow or a table topper, but have so far resisted the urge to start something.

In the leaders/enders project, I've got 40 postage-stamp 16 patches done. And I have just about exhausted my supply of 1 1/2" squares. I think I have enough for 5 more blocks, so I have to decide whether I am going to cut more (I have lots and lots and lots of scraps in bins) or just put a quilt together and call it done. I'm leaning towards cutting as I have 4 large rubbermaid tubs that can be cut up into strips and used - it would be nice to get the scraps all organized into bins.

And the scrappy 9-patch I have sets sorted out for another 16 patches, so I may do that as leaders/enders for a while until I am ready to go with the postage stamps again. I figure when I get the postage stamp quilt done, I'll use alternate patches of some colour and tie it. I may add a small border to put the binding on, otherwise I'll lose a good chunk of the postage stamps in the 16-patches as I like to use half inch binding. I'm starting to seriously lean towards red for the alternate blocks - that or a blue and red for the binding.

And I did make some progress on the parrot quilt. 7 of the blocks are complete - quilted. I have one block in the quilting process and another 4 that are sashed and ready to be basted. I am still debating how I'm going to put it together. The border is going to be the area where I may have problems - it's where the black and white QAYG is stalled. Hopefully I'll have a good time with this one and that will push me towards finishing the B&W.

No new projects is my current mantra. Finish UFOs!