Monday, August 10, 2009

Still exist!

Back again - I can't believe Ihaven't updated this blog since April. But then, there has been a definite lack of quilting going on.

I did finish the patchwork Scottie dog, and a embroidered puzzle ball. Other finishes to date are the hand pieced irish chain crib quilt. I finally figured out a way to fix the 3 corner tear on the one alternate patch. It's barely noticeable now - I used a patch of the same fabric - put wonder under on it, and put it into the quilt behind the hole and then fused it. I hope I never have to make a repair like this again.

My progress on the Double delight quilt has stalled. Boredom with all the SNS patches set in. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

I started (bad girl! no cookie!) the Christmas Lights mystery from quiltmaker magazine. I finished clue #1 this weekend. The next issue with Clue #2 is not yet available where I am. I'm hoping to get a hold of it sometime this week.

I have been resisting the urge to start new projects. It has been very, very hard. I've got leftovers from Christmas Lights that I could see as a pillow or a table topper, but have so far resisted the urge to start something.

In the leaders/enders project, I've got 40 postage-stamp 16 patches done. And I have just about exhausted my supply of 1 1/2" squares. I think I have enough for 5 more blocks, so I have to decide whether I am going to cut more (I have lots and lots and lots of scraps in bins) or just put a quilt together and call it done. I'm leaning towards cutting as I have 4 large rubbermaid tubs that can be cut up into strips and used - it would be nice to get the scraps all organized into bins.

And the scrappy 9-patch I have sets sorted out for another 16 patches, so I may do that as leaders/enders for a while until I am ready to go with the postage stamps again. I figure when I get the postage stamp quilt done, I'll use alternate patches of some colour and tie it. I may add a small border to put the binding on, otherwise I'll lose a good chunk of the postage stamps in the 16-patches as I like to use half inch binding. I'm starting to seriously lean towards red for the alternate blocks - that or a blue and red for the binding.

And I did make some progress on the parrot quilt. 7 of the blocks are complete - quilted. I have one block in the quilting process and another 4 that are sashed and ready to be basted. I am still debating how I'm going to put it together. The border is going to be the area where I may have problems - it's where the black and white QAYG is stalled. Hopefully I'll have a good time with this one and that will push me towards finishing the B&W.

No new projects is my current mantra. Finish UFOs!

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