Monday, July 5, 2010

Flower Baskets

I finished the flower basket swap top today.  It will go in the 'to be quilted' pile.  There are 5 other quilts ahead of it in the pile.

I pulled my double delight off the shelf - it's in need of a border.  I have the fabric pulled and just need to get to it, but it's just way too hot to be messing around with a large quilt top, so I decided to play with my fabric a bit.  I have a FQ set of bright orange, yellow, green and blue and red.  I am using the colours (except the red) to make sisters blocks as in the Quiltmaker Addicted to Scraps article this month.  The end result will be a table runner.  I'll use the red as a border as the edges of the blocks are on the bias and I'll really want to stabilize them before quilting.  If I have enough of the red, I'll use it for the binding as well, otherwise I'll have to hunt for a red for the binding.  I rather hope I have enough and don't have to go hunting.

Last night I finished the "And Pigs Will Fly" rag quilt.  It's going through the washing process now.  It's a fundraiser quilt - it's got flying pigs on one of the fabrics - a joke on my mom's behalf as I told her I'd run one of the fundraisers for the place she works at again When Pigs Fly.  The rude people I had to deal with after giving up a day of my long weekend last summer was the final straw.  I will contribute to the fundraiser, but I am not actually going to be there and running it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poking along

Thanks to landry night, I have the first short side of the Magic Tile quilted.  Then I accidentally skinned my thumb (Ow), so not much hand quilting going on.

I have finished another row of the flower basket quilt.  One more row to assemble and attach, plus borders and that top will be done.

I finished yet another GFG - I am now up to 33 complete.  Almost halfway.

And I've spent a good deal of time playing in EQ7.  I am tring to design an Ocean Waves quilt in EQ.  The block doesn't exist in the software, whcih is very strange.  I managed to draft a block and set it into a quilt, but printing out the instructions I have run into soemthing strange.  I coloured the quilt in 3 colours for simplicity, as I am planning on doing this one scrappy, but the colour/fabric requirement has tossed in a fourth colour and I don't know where it has come from!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Magic Tile Progress

Being a cool day and also a holiday, I finally started quilting the border for my Magic Tile quilt.  the quiltin gon the border is fairly heavy to match up with the quilting on the body of the quilt.  One of the short sides is almost donw now - I am paying for the marathon quilting session today with very sore hands.

I got EQ7 this week as well.  I have already been playing - scanning in fabrics and designing quilts.  I am trying to resist starting anything new.