Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poking along

Thanks to landry night, I have the first short side of the Magic Tile quilted.  Then I accidentally skinned my thumb (Ow), so not much hand quilting going on.

I have finished another row of the flower basket quilt.  One more row to assemble and attach, plus borders and that top will be done.

I finished yet another GFG - I am now up to 33 complete.  Almost halfway.

And I've spent a good deal of time playing in EQ7.  I am tring to design an Ocean Waves quilt in EQ.  The block doesn't exist in the software, whcih is very strange.  I managed to draft a block and set it into a quilt, but printing out the instructions I have run into soemthing strange.  I coloured the quilt in 3 colours for simplicity, as I am planning on doing this one scrappy, but the colour/fabric requirement has tossed in a fourth colour and I don't know where it has come from!

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