Friday, January 30, 2009

New Blog

I've created a new blog in order to record my quilting/sewing activities.

I'm have been quilting for about 10 years. I love handquilting and hand piecing. I am attempting to learn how to applique properly by hand. I do machine-piece but am not fond of machine quilting.

It's just my opinion, but machine quilting just loses something. I know it's work to put a quilt, especially a large one through a sewing machine, but there is just something not there about a machine-pieced quilt.

My local fabric shop says I'm a Traditionalist like it's a bad thing.

One project I am working on at the moment is a Parrot quilt. It is being made from blocks in a quild swap. Unfortunately, the blocks do not all square up to 12 1/2", which has made putting the quilt together a challenge. I finally decided to sash each block so that it squares up to 15" unfinished. And since each block is being sashed individually, I am going to quilt each block as I go an assemble the full quilt later. That way I have a project to take along with me. I have the first block half quilted and the second one sashed, marked and basted. I have 10 swap blocks and will need to make 2 to complete the quilt.