Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week away progress

Well the week away allowed me to finish the blind stitching on the parrot quilt. I just need to add the borders and quilt them and it's done. I'm hoping to work on it this weekend.

I found some really nice fabric - butterflies in purples and blues. It's a large print and very pretty. It was 4 dollars a meter on sale so I picked up several meters - I'm looking forward to doing something with it at a later date.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's been a while.

I haven't gotten any further on the Christmas Lights other than 2 rows stitched together. I went on the local shop hop and found border fabrics. Sadly, one of my favourite quilt shops was closing that weekend. The owner had passed away. I will miss that little store. That's two of my favourite shops gone now.

The parrot quilt is moving forward. I have the blocks in rows. I just need to do the blind stitching so the rows can be put together. I may get two rows done before I head to Toronto next week. It's definitely something I can do in the hotel room at nights. I am still dithering about adding a border. Now I'm wondering about not adding a border at all, but I think the back needs something to pull the blues together. I'll be on the lookout for a fabric for the back border.

I have 11 GFG blocks together now. Slow and steady - I get the odd one done here and there. I'm going to mark the stitching lines in a bunch and take them to work on in the evenings as well.