Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm almost done the 20 double-nine-patch blocks for the double delight. I'm on the last 6 so maybe by the end of the day.

I've almost leader-endered another 3D block. I cut out three more, and think I can get maybe another 2 cut. I threw the thing into EQ and played around - I need to get more fabric. I want to do a 3by4 layout - the 6 blocks just isn't enough. Hopefully I can get more fabric next Friday.

Next I've got almost 24 rolling star blocks to piece. I haven't finished all the square in a square units for those yet, so it could take a while. I'm thinking of doing 20 of the SNS units at a time and then piecing 5 blocks, then 20 units, etc for variety. I'll be so glad when this quilt is done. I can't believe I've been working on it for almost a whole year.

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