Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have to stop procrastinating soon - my applique class starts on Saturday, and while I have gathered and washed my fabrics and scraps (layer cake), I have yet to iron them.  I hate ironing with a passion and have been finding other things to do and put off the ironing part.  It has to be done today or tomorrow as Saturday morning is going to be busy before I have to head in for class.  Class starts at 930.  I'll have to get my lunch bento ready before heading in as well.

Part of the thing is I have this thing about forgetting to unplug the iron.  I was going to do it yesterday afternoon, but had a martial arts class last night and was afraid I'd forget to unplug the iron - I haven't yet, but I don't know the number of times I've gotten partway down the road and had to turn around to check and make certain I've unplugged the iron.  It's a weird almost-phobia thing, especially as last Christmas my son bought me an auto-shutoff iron.  I guess I worry in case the cats get near it, although they are not allowed in the sewing room - and haven't been since I nearly lost my female this February because she had ingested some sort of string.  I don't think it came from the sewing room, but I am not taking the chance anymore.  Before they were only allowed in the room if I was there to watch them anyways, but better safe than sorry.

And today, I'm surfing the net and avoiding the ironing.  I should just go and get it done!


  1. Turn on some fun music or a nice flick and just get er done!!

  2. The quicker you get it done, the quicker it is over.