Sunday, October 31, 2010

Project nearing completion

I've got a small quilt nearing completion.  It's made from 5 fat quarters and done up in a pattern from the Quiltmaker Addicted to Scraps column.  One was a variation of a whirl-a-gig, so I played with my FQ and put together a little quilt.  It's only about 25 X 35. I've got the quilting done and the binding machine-sewed on one side.  I found enough 21/2" strips in the scrap bin of a fed that went well enough with the border, so I did a single-fold binding.  I just have the hand-stitiching to complete.

The 9 patch is coming along slowly.  I haven't decided how to finish the inside of the quilt. I drafted (and have since misplaced a Plan).  I have to finish the outside row of blocks before I start the interior so I have tiem to redraft the plan or come up with something new.

And I start a new project next week.  I am taking an applique class on Saturdays in November.  I have my class kit almost put together.  I am using a layer cake for the scraps and I have complimentary fabrics for sashing, inner border and binding - I just hope I have enough.  These fabrics were planned for a different quilt.  I have to finish washing the fabrics and get them ironed and a few things to locate for the kit.  It will be good to actually get some learning from a teacher.  My applique is mostly self-taught so I can use all the instruction I can get.  I still struggle with sharp points, so I am hoping to learn how to conquer them at this class.

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