Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tulip Mandala

I've started work on another UFO. It's a tulip mandala stained glass pillow. I am not fond of this particular stained glass technique. It is very fussy, which is probably why the piece became a ufo in the first place. It's kind of appropriate to be working on it now that it is spring time.

I am working in colour blocks now - I'm not certain what I was doing before as I have pieces appliqued that are 3 colours. I've basted the last of the light pink and hope to finish that colour today.

The light green patches are cut out and ready to be basted on. I think I will baste more than one at a time and then have a stretch of stitching. I think I can do eight. Then there are the dark and light gold pieces to do. Doesn't sound like much, but I think it will take a couple of weeks to finish. This one will be finished as a pillow - I don't really use wallhangings.

Almost done the green quilt. It's quilted, bound and labelled - it just needs to be washed and I will call it done done.

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