Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick update

I finally made it to a guild meeting - it's been since April as my schedule often conspires to keep me from going to meetings. Part of the problem is that it's close to an hour's drive. Once the weather gets bad, I won't make it at all.

I am sometimes still very angry about what the bitches in my village did when I miss getting out to go quilting. The way "lady jane" walked in, took over the group I started, and then behind my back rescheduled it so I could no longer attend.....I get mad just thinking about it. Sad thing is, I knew she would do just that but being a nice person I invited her to join anyways. Looking back, I never should have invited her, but that would have made me like her and her little disciples in the group.

It was a work meeting - people had ufos there were working on or cutting out cuddle quilts.

I took that last qayg parrot block and worked on it. It is almost done.

I also got the opportunity to ask some advice on putting an on point (Christmas Lights) quilt together. I'm not a fan of quilts on point, and needed some help. I hope to start assembling that quilt next week.

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